The word of Ix

My pseudonym is Ix- I was brought up to NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES POST YOUR NAME ONLINE MY BOY, YOU NEVER KNOW WHO COULD BE READING- and this is my first foray into the world of blogging. Reason why … well it seemed like a good idea at the time.
I have spent a large portion of my life on the internet reading (and participating in when I lose my better judgement),   long arguments concerning other people’s views on things. Topics and venues have varied widely, from religion below an ill-judged facebook post, to why white people need a homeland below a youtube video (No, I don’t know why this is related to REM either). So, I don’t want to make a forum of my views for the assorted internet to rant about. This is just my way of having a laugh, and spreading the word of… whatever takes my fancy, really. Content looks set to range widely, from Douglas Adams humour (as the more perceptive may pick up from my ‘name’ and URL), to random outbursts of poetry- my mood has a habit of being rather cyclothymic, so expect a tone varying from uber-depressed to that of an excited hedgehog on acid.
But hey, it’s just meant to be something fun. If you come across this and enjoy it, great- I’d like to think I’m cheering somebody up as they trawl across the vastness of the web. If you think this is just random crap, then you’re probably right too, but you’re stuck with it so might as well move on.
To the world and all whom it may concern, good morrow. To everyone else, please return to the dungeon dimensions.


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