Really should have planned this better…

Normally I have neither the time nor (in all honesty) the inclination to put up posts on consecutive days, and this is going to become even less of  a trend and more of a rule when the holidays end next week. But my scheduling forces me to change this today- I am away from both home and my computer for the next 4 days and will not be able to post, and while I don’t quite feel obliged to make posts regularly (especially when I take a look at the graph showing the number of visitors I get), I have been brought up with a crippling devotion to good manners, so feel obliged to at least let any meagre following I have know why my random ramblings have disappeared for a week. Unfortunately, said manners also mean that I feel obliged to actually post something here rather than just make excuses, so here is a completely unrelated post about trains.



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