Apologies, power and chickens

It is not unusual for me to begin posts with apologies, but this time I have two. The first is for the lack of a post on Wednesday (I didn’t get home until past 10 and was too knackered to put one up), and the second is a pre-emptive one for making not much of a post today. Not (for a change) because I can’t think of material, but simply because I am not feeling especially chipper today and don’t really feel up to making a proper one.

However, I thought I might as well take this opportunities to inform anyone who might be reading this about two things. The first of these is Earth Hour, which takes place today. This is an initiative begun by various environmental groups to raise awareness and basically be a huge-scale publicity stunt to get people thinking about their power consumption. The plan is that, for one hour, everybody who takes part is to turn off every source of power consumption in their home. This means lights, TV’s, computers- even your central heating, if you want to go really hardcore about it. The extent to which you participate is entirely your own choice- the event isn’t designed to get us living like cavemen- just to make us aware of the electricity we could be using and wasting (tip: take  the plug out as well as switching any device off- up to 10% of home electricity usage is from devices which draw power even when switched on but left plugged in). The event runs from 8:30 to 9:30 pm (at whatever your local time zone is), and every person taking part makes the event that bit more significant. It’s only an hour, so why not?

The second thing is completely unrelated to the first, and will not be accompanied by any explanation- Wikipedia has one, but that just ruins the awesomeness: http://chickenonaraft.com/

Enjoy 🙂


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