Excuse time…

If there is actually anyone who would be considered a regular to this blog (I can’t honestly tell), they may have noticed that I missed my normal post on Wednesday. Not an unusual occurrence in itself (except that I forgot to do my usual thing and make rather pathetic apologies for it in Saturday’s post), but it was symptomatic of something- namely the pretty intense workload I’ve got myself into at the moment. And that workload is only going to grow in size over the coming weeks.

It is due to shrink again, but for the moment three 1000-word essays a week is just too much for me to keep up on a regular basis. I am therefore going to be taking a one-month break from this blog whilst I get on top of my oncoming workload.

I like blogging, despite the minimal traffic I get, and it’s a good outlet for me. Unfortunately, it is a big killer of time, and time is becoming an increasingly precious resource. Once the month is up, I shall try to resume normal progress. See you then.


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