The End of the Ramblings

Hello, to whoever still reads this.

I’ll be brief- this will be my last post on this blog. It’s been kinda a while in coming; a heavy work schedule has meant I have been remiss in updating here for the past few months, and whilst I’ve had a pretty extensive backlog I’ve been reluctant to work through it knowing I do not have the time to fill it back up again. Not only that, but the incredibly broad scope of ‘stuff I talk about on this blog’ has meant I frequently struggle for ideas due to a lack of focus in my content, and my writing quality is pretty inconsistent to boot too (even if it has improved significantly as a result of doing all this writing over the last few years). All that, plus the fact that I’ve reached an age where I start to cringe at my earliest writing efforts, has left me with a desire to leave this portion of my bloggy existence behind me.

However, I’ve enjoyed the last couple of years of blogging, and I don’t want to stop- I just want to start doing this a little more properly. As such, I’ve just started a new blog, which can be found here and covers broadly the same remit as this one- short essays on a variety of subjects aimed to entertain and inform- and since I’ve got some more time now, I should be able to stick to more regular updates. A few posts from my backlog over here have already gone up, so I’d appreciate it if you go and check it out.

Thanks everyone. It’s been a great experience, and I look back on it fondly. Peace out, and *insertrelevantdietyhere* bless


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