For the third time, bad time management has got the better of me…

… and as such, I will not be making a full awards ceremony for the last round of the Six Nations. There are three reasons for this:
1. Should be fairly self-evident from the title- it is now 7:15, and I have to be out by 8:00
2. Since it was the last weekend, and because Wales won the grand slam, this particular weekend’s action has been pored over in minute detail by every rugby journalist north of Rome, so anything I post will be even more of a waste of my time than usual
3. Despite some great results on Saturday, none of the games were particularly… alive. Both of the first two games were decided by a single try (in both cases the only one of the game), and while it was certainly rather entertaining for a purist to laugh at the scrums in the England-Ireland match (spontaneous joke interlude: I’m going over to Ireland tomorrow. Its the new home of the flat pack (badum-tish)), they didn’t exactly set the game alight. Really, the games were just a bit dull for me to comment on with any great enthusiasm.

However, never let it be said that I miss a duty when I can avoid it, so I will be doing a summary awards ceremony for the entire tournament on Wednesday (or Friday if my schedule catches up with me, as well it might). I also include, to conclude, a summary of the teams’ performances:

Scotland: Capitulating
Italy: Capitalising
France: Capricious
Wales: Clinical
Ireland: Crumbling
England: Captivating


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